WordPress Expert: Why do you need one to grow your business?

Today, at least 70% of websites worldwide are built with  WordPress. This famous  CMS ( as the content management system is called in technical jargon) born for simple blogs, today allows you to create showcase sites, eCommerce, booking sites, social sites, landing pages, training sites and much more other. In short, it has become a complete, easily applicable and scalable solution.

The reasons for the success of WordPress

WordPress is so popular for two main reasons:

Ease of use

In fact, today it is possible to build a site without knowing anything about web design and HTML, CSS or PHP, thanks to the various page builders, ie wordpress plugins that allow you to build a site with a visual editor.

An incredible plus. Even many other actions and automations, which once would have required complicated programs and strings of code, now work through plugins, which in simple terms are applications that allow you to add different functions to the site without having to write a line of code. Often two clicks are enough.

The open code

Open code, in English Open Source, means that all those who know how to program can create their own versions and customize their sites to the highest level. It also means that infinite plugins can be developed and that everything is very cheap, if not free. In fact, the WordPress project itself is free: anyone can install WordPress for free on their hosting to create a site.

Then there are advanced services and functions (developed by  independent wordpress experts  , thanks to the fact that, as we said before, the code is open) that can work with freemium models (free basic version and then paid advanced functions) or totally free .

Ease of interaction with other platforms

Thanks to the large critical mass of users and developers and the open code, WordPress now integrates with thousands of software, social platforms, etc. Thus allowing to work on solutions at 360 degrees.

The large global community

For the points just mentioned, using WordPress hosting means joining a large worldwide community that works on the platform every day and makes it grow, trying to improve it and create new solutions. This means that, in theory, even finding solutions to problems is very simple since any situation has certainly happened to many others several times and is described somewhere on a forum or on a site. A  WordPress expert or whoever really wants to become one just has to apply himself in research!

SEO Friendly

In general WordPress, born as a platform for blogs and content, is by its very nature very easy to optimize for positioning on the search engine.

Don’t depend on just one person

Working on WordPress it is very easy to solve problems for those who work in a team or for those who have to contact another webmaster after the site has been delivered. In other cases, when it comes to sites created from scratch by a programmer, each new addition, each integration must be created separately with long deadlines, and if someone else has to get involved, he will have to go back over the work done by another with great waste of time and money.

This point is very important and we will expand on it in the next paragraph.


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