What Will Geiger Face in “Geiger: Ground Zero”? Learn More At the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con!

Geoff Johns is the kind of comic writer that probably doesn’t need an introduction. With an expansive career spanning many years, he has worked on some of the biggest comics in the world today. However, Johns and his artist Gary Frank recently broke free of big studios and went independent to produce the “Geiger” comic series. It was such a huge hit that he is already releasing a direct sequel to expand the universe and make it even more fascinating.

Johns and Frank Will Talk Directly With Fans

In the world of comics, it’s fair to say that even the creators are as nerdy about their product as the fans. As a result, it’s always fun when writers, artists, and their readers get a chance to meet. Thankfully, Johns and Frank are more than happy to sit down at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 19 to July 23 and chat with like-minded fans who have obsessed over “Geiger.”

Just as importantly, they know that fans like to get a little something extra whenever they go to these events, and they aren’t going to disappoint! They have provided a limited-edition, full-color, eight-page ashcan of the upcoming “Geiger” Ground Zero” for anyone who attends their booth! This will give you the insight that you need into this growing universe.

In fact, Johns and Frank see situations like this as the perfect way to interact with fans and learn more about what to expect from their readership. Johns, in particular, has stated that the response to Geiger has been “truly overwhelming” and that he is excited to continue building The Unnamed Universe, where “Geiger” and his other comics are residing.

“Geiger: Ground Zero” will not only join the debut series but also operate alongside “Junkyard Joe” and “Redcoat,” spin-off series that highlight different characters and produce different storylines. Will these storylines be adapted into the upcoming Paramount TV “Geiger” series? That remains to be seen for now, but the potential is huge for this fascinating world.

How Geiger and Johns Buck the System

Johns and “Geiger” are a perfect example of how independent-minded artists can push beyond the big market and make a name for themselves. When Johns stopped working with big-name publishers to focus on “Geiger,” people thought he was crazy. However, his sheer talent and determination made “Geiger” a huge success: he’s already published spin-offs like “Junkyard Joe” and “Redcoat” and is likely to push even higher into the stratosphere.

Success Is All About Persistence

Johns and Frank are a great example of how persistence can pay off big career gains, no matter your profession. They spent many years of their lives working for other people before venturing out to do their own thing. As a result, they’ve not only pushed beyond their initial success but become even bigger and more inspiring. Stories like these are an important reminder that people can move beyond limited success to reach their dreams!

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