Step by step easy cute girlfriend drawings

Drawing is a fantastic way to unwind from the day and do something enjoyable while honing your drawing abilities. Drawing or sketching is the best way to express yourself and your feelings. You can opt for drawing cute things to impress your loved ones and share your deepest feelings with them. 


Whatever small amount they may do, I hope these doodles may brighten your day. Want to know easy cute girlfriend drawings? Here are some of the best and easy steps for cute girlfriend drawings.


Easy Dog painting


  • On your page, begin by tracing three rough circles. Your dog’s head will be the first circle. The dog’s front body will be represented by the second similar-sized circle. The dog’s back body, where the tail will shortly go, is the area with the smallest circle.


  • You do not need to draw completely circular circles. It’s a good idea to softly sketch the circle with brief pencil strokes while sketching circles. rather than attempting to draw the circle in one motion, which may be exceedingly challenging even for experienced painters.


  • Join in the three rings in step two. You can already see the basic dog shape being formed by connecting the circles.


  • Draw the tail and snout. It is not too difficult. Just draw a basic line for the tail and a triangle for the nose.


  • Draw the nose and legs in. Draw a line to depict the ground as a sketching tip for the legs. You may make legs that are all the same length by doing this. The nose is also simple. Simply a black circle is present over the snout.


  • For the ear, create a circle. The task of drawing dog ears might be very challenging. Simply begin by drawing a simple circle on top of the skull to make the process simpler.


  • Detail the mouth and ears. For the ear, create a triangle extending from the circle. Then add a short additional line to the circle’s top. This results in a naturally curving contour for your dog’s ear. The opposite ear is then represented by a semicircle added to the left side of the skull.


  • Outline your dog using a marker. Don’t forget to include any smaller features, such as a dog collar and whiskers. Once finished, you can erase any extra pencil traces from your dog drawing with an eraser.


  • Color in the dog in your drawing. This step is not required. You can leave your dog to sketch in black and white or colour it with some felt-tip markers.

Congratulations! You have completed making your first cute girlfriend drawings. Let’s move and look for the next composition of cute girlfriend drawings. 


Easy anime girl


Imagine what you will be drawing as a portrait. In order to draw a girl anime, we must first draw her head, broad shoulder, and pelvic region in a static stance.


  • Mark a horizontal line below the lower border of the eyes as a starting point for your drawing. Draw a vertical line in order to divide the upper portion or head into equal portions at the same time.


  • The head and body should be connected by a cylinder-shaped neck.


  • Our character till now looks  incomplete without limbs. Define the long legs and arms accordingly. Draw the feet and hands as angular shapes that are narrowed into a cylindrical shape.


  • Start adding more details to your anime female drawing. Draw big anime eyes and a few bangs for the haircut. Don’t deviate from the drawn lines.


  • Make clothes for the girl in this step. What you want her to wear can be illustrated as you like. You may also make reference to our imagination. Draw a tiny frock with long sleeves and a collared top with a bow for this. Draw socks for the legs and calf for the sleeves.


  • The outlines are now done and completed. Concentrate from top to bottom when drawing each and every detail. A change in facial expression will change how it appears.


  • Give the dress one last polish at this stage. Draw vertical lines to represent the skirt plates. Pay close attention to every detail of the garment, including the calf, socks, and neck bow scarf. Don’t forget to make creases in your fabric. Finish it with shoes as well.


  • Your sketch of the anime girl is complete up until this point. It can be shaped by adding shading to the thighs and neck. The drawing method of outlining can be used for shading.


Your anime girl is ready, hope you did the cute girlfriend drawings well and easily.


Butterfly cute girlfriend drawings


Butterflies make great drawing subjects because of the predictable pattern of their wings, which can be distilled down to a few simple rules. Without any exceptional drawing abilities, you can draw a realistic-looking butterfly if you are aware of the rules.


  • Let’s begin this detailed instruction on drawing butterflies by sketching an outline of a real butterfly. Make the torso’s oval shape vertical.


  • A vertical line must be drawn cutting the torso in two. The body’s length will be this. Below that, create a longer oval. This represents the abdomen. A slender waist ties the stomach to the torso.


  • The head will be represented by a circle drawn on top of the body. On either side of the head, add two ovals. On the front of the head, add two very little ovals. 
  • For the large antennas, sketch a pair of curves. Add teeny “beans” to the ends of each antenna. The body may now be outlined and all the relevant information added. The abdomen is divided into segments, and the torso is puffy.


  • Cross the spot with a horizontal line. Each half should be approximately the same length as the body (antennae excluded). Over the first line, draw two longer lines at a 30 degree angle. Nothing needs to be measured; just wing it.


  • Around these lines, create lengthy teardrop shapes to resemble a dragonfly. To around 60% of the length of that “dragonfly wing,” draw a line starting at the end of the horizontal line. Draw a gentle outline of the upper wing. Similarly draw the lower wings. And here you go with a beautiful butterfly. Colour it in rainbow colours as you wish!


So what are you waiting for? We have shared three cute drawing ideas and impress your girl with your creativity.


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