Hunting & Folding Knives With Natural Handle

Folding and Pocket Knives

Folding and Pocket Knives

Due to their small size and lightweight, Folding Knives and Damascus Knives Set are always men’s companions. A special clip for attaching clothes prevents them from falling out of your pocket even when you move quickly. When folded, the cutting edge is fully enclosed and protected.

Because it is found in nature, it is used for various purposes:

  • Cut vegetables, fruits ( Fruits for Men’s ), and meat.
  • Cut and cook fish.
  • mushroom picking

         Mechanisms such as hand-assembled bearings and steel washers will not fail unless a blade is used to tighten screws or chop wood. For those who appreciate a good Knife, keep it in a branded genuine leather sheath.

         The handle, which consists of two titanium plates, is decorated with decorative inlays. Carbon root copies are more expensive than others. A slight finger movement activates the blade rotation mechanism with a slight impact.

Minimal maintenance is required to extend blade life.

  1. Don’t leave it dirty.
  2. Dry clean after washing.
  3. The mechanism may be lubricated with “Nanoprotect” or gun oil using a regular syringe.


High-quality blades are made of durable steel with a good balance of toughness and hardness. Such a tandem was created through long experiments and tests. Only the most reliable steel grades are used in the Knife n Knives workshop.

  • Borer M390;
  • S90V stainless steel powder;
  • C125V;
  • Boehler K340 instrument;
  • Wancron 40;
  • Vanadi
  • Elmax;

Forged blade blanks are hardened at a specific temperature in a vacuum furnace. This process makes the blade more durable and prevents chips and nicks from forming. The next step is sandblasting. As a result, the surface is perfectly smooth.

Experienced craftsmen use software to process blades on milling machines and electropolishing machines to achieve ideal parameters.

  • Length – 110 mm;
  • Width – 26 mm;
  • Leads – 0.2 – 0.3 mm;
  • Hardball hardness – 58 – 60;
  • Weight – 135 grams

Corners and straight landings are done with bits. Knives are best manufactured from steel with a hardness of 61 units.

How to choose a folding knife?

Knives delivered from China cannot be compared with the products of USA manufacturers. Despite the low price, Middle Kingdom products are made of crude steel and are not very reliable. Chips, nicks, and kinks quickly make blades obsolete and frustrate buyers. Mechanisms built “quickly” fail quickly.

Our online store has a wide range of blades and replacement blades in different shapes and applications. This catalog has copies and the price ranges from 9,000 to 16,000 rubles. Prices vary depending on the quality of steel and materials used. This blade, made of approved metal and processed with advanced technology, will not let you down even in difficult conditions and will become a true man’s loyal friend.

How to buy it?

Our knives are given to ourselves as well as to relatives and friends. Please refer to our online store catalog to choose the right copy. You can choose from a variety of hunting knives, including folding knives, here.

The parameters and technical specifications of each product are listed on the product card. To purchase your favorite copy, simply click the button on the cart image.

The methods of payment and delivery of products are displayed on the appropriate pages of the site. We guarantee 100% product quality, and certificates are sent with the blades. We promise to refund or replace the model if found to be slightly inconsistent with the declared quality or parameters.

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