How Lear Is Using social media To Connect with Kids?

Marcelle Tagand Lear is a children’s author and illustrator who has been using social media to connect with kids for over 10 years now. Marcelle knows that by engaging with her fans on social media, she can help her readers learn about the world around them and appreciate the arts more. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Marcelle’s most popular social media accounts and see how she uses them to connect with her fans.

How Marcelle Uses social media?

Marcelle Tagand Lear is the founder of the social media site Marcelle.TV, which was created to help kids connect with each other and their world. Marcelle.TV offers a range of activities, including quizzes, games, and videos that help kids learn about different cultures and topics.

Tagand Lear uses social media to connect with kids in a variety of ways. For example, she frequently posts videos about her travels around the world and how they’ve impacted her life. She also shares photos from her children’s school events and family gatherings. Through these experiences, Tagand Lear helps kids learn about other cultures and learn important life skills.

What are the Benefits of Connecting with Kids on social media?

Social media is an incredible way to connect with kids and help them learn. Marcelle Tagand Lear, author of “How marcelle tagand lear Is Using Social Media to Connect with Kids,” explains that social media can be a great resource for teaching kids about different cultures, sharing information about school and activities, and even keeping in touch with family members.

Tagand Lear also believes that social media can help teach kids how to manage their time wisely.

For example, she says that one of her favorite things to do on Facebook is post pictures of her grandchildren to show her friends how much she’s been spending time with them recently. This helps her keep track of what she’s doing and where she stands in relation to her goals.

Finally, Tagand Lear believes that social media can be a powerful way for kids to build relationships with others. She points out that many of the children who have commented on her posts are from faraway places, but through social media they have been able to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

How Does Marcelle Use social media to Connect with Kids?

Marcelle Tagand Lear is a children’s author and illustrator who uses social media to connect with her fans. She creates original content and posts it on her social media accounts, which include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her goal is to inspire kids to be their best selves and to help them learn about different cultures.

Lear also uses social media to promote her books. She posts pictures of herself and the characters from her books reading or holding the books in their hands. This helps fans feel close to the characters and makes them more likely to buy the books. Lear also uses social media to answer fan questions. When someone asks her a question on Twitter, for example, she usually responds within minutes. This way, kids know that she is always available to talk about her books or anything else that comes up in their lives.

How social media helps her connect with kids?

One way Marcelle connects with kids is by moderating a Facebook group called “Kids Rock! Activism through Music.” The group was started by music teacher Sarah Lissick to help promote activism through music and bring together kids who share similar interests. Marcelle helps to curate the group’s content, post messages of support for each other, and keep everyone up-to-date on important events related to activism through music.

Marcelle also participates in online chats with kids about social justice topics every week on Quora. She answers questions from kids about topics like racism and sexism in schools, how they can get involved in activism, and how they can be positive role models for their peers.

By using social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, Marcelle is able to connect with a large number of kids around the world and help them learn about important issues of kids


Marcelle Tagand Lear is an incredible children’s author who uses social media to connect with her fans. Her Facebook page is full of photos and stories about her books, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of book signings and interviews. She also has a Twitter account where she posts updates about new books, offers sneak peeks at upcoming drawings, and responds to fan questions.

The fact that Marcelle Tagand Lear takes the time to interact with her fans on social media shows how much she cares about their feedback and wants them to feel like they are part of her community. By using social media, Marcelle Tagand Lear is able to keep in touch with kids from all over the world, share her love for writing, and promote literacy in a fun way.

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