Four Best Water Heaters For Bathroom In India

An efficient water heater is a necessity for every bathroom, especially in winter. There are hundreds of electric water heaters available in the market, which makes choosing the right product extremely difficult.

Are you also feeling overwhelmed with the available option? In this blog, we have prepared a complete list of the best instant and storage water heaters that would be an excellent choice for your bathroom. 

Havells Adonia Spin Vertical Water Heater

Havells Adonia Spin Vertical Water Heater of 25 liters comes with India’s first integrated shock-safe plug. This plug made to prevent electric shocks by turning off the power if there is a leak of current. It has temperature-safe LED lights that show what the actual water temperature is. It’s Whirl Flow technology keeps hot and cold water from coming into direct contact. This saves energy and gives you 20% more hot water. Also, its high-density PUF insulation helps save even more energy.

The Havells Adonia Spin water heater can be used in high-rise buildings and with pressure pumps. Because of its multipurpose valve! It’s Incology Glass Coating Heating element heats better and is less likely to oxidize or carbonize at high temperatures than other heating elements.

Hindware Atlantic Ondeo EVO-I Pro

The second device is from Hindware. The unique technology of the Hindware Smart Appliances water heater protects the tank and heating element even more against corrosion.

It has a core shield of Titanium baked to perfection at 850 °C to give the tank the best corrosion protection possible. To maintain the water temperature for a longer period and reduce heat loss, the manufacturer-reinforced insulation injection of liquid foam ensures better insulation, the design is compact, and the hot water stays hot for longer.

The Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

In Indian homes, Bajaj water heaters are one of the most-used items. It has a wide range of geysers to meet the needs of your family. The geyser (25 liters) is safer because it turns off automatically when the temperature reaches 50°C. It has a special coating on the inside of the tank that keeps corrosion and rust from happening. This makes the tank last longer. It gives 20% more hot water because of its Swirl flow technology.

The Bajaj geyser is good for high-rise buildings because it can handle pressures of up to 8 bar.

The tank is covered for 5 years and the product and heating elements are covered for 2 years.

Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Liter Instant Geyser

For a small Indian family, the Hindware Atlantic Convenio Instant Geyser is a perfect option. The inner tank of this stylish geyser made of stainless steel that doesn’t rust and has an ABS body. This geyser made to handle 6.5 bars of pressure, which makes it perfect for buildings with more than one floor. Also, the RPR valve makes sure that the hot water heated right away.

Since copper is a good conductor of electricity, it helps heat move from the electricity to the water faster. Also, the i-Thermostat feature can help you save money on your electricity bill.

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