Everything you need to know about nware area51 threadripper

Although the nware area51 threadripper has always been a massive gaming desktop, it will be the first pre-built computer this year to use AMD’s latest Threadripper processors. This practically means that AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and all of the company’s other high-core count CPUs will only be available to Alienware, the sole significant hardware manufacturer.

Naturally, you’ll still be able to purchase a Threadripper processor from a computer retailer, and this deal excludes specialized system manufacturers like Origin PC in the US and Overclockers in the UK. Despite its exclusivity, Threadripper is the best upgrade for the Alienware Area 51 for both gamers and content makers. However, all this powerful performance will come at a high price.

Check out the full Nware Area51 Threadripper (Alienware Area51 Threadripper) review below.

  • Memory and Storage:

The storage capacity of this fantastic PC is 1 TB. Additionally, the desktop features 5 USB ports (3 – 3.0 & 2 – 2.0)

  • Operating System:

Your Alienware is capable of running Windows 10 Home. Moreover, based on online reviews, it should function quite well. What have you encountered thus far?

  • Processor and Graphics:

On this computer, the processor is an AMD Ryzen Threadripper. A subwoofer is even built into the desktop itself. According to reviews, this is excellent for gaming or playing music. These speakers outperform other PCs in every way. You look like the coolest person ever thanks to the awesome PC case. In addition, I adore how the computer actually resembles a book bag or baggage from another planet. What do you think about the case and processor, guys? In comparison to other desktops and laptops, the PC is relatively quiet while gaming. The USB-C connectors and the device’s size are other drawbacks. Additionally, you’ll need to spend some serious money to get this wonderful pc

If you want to create architectural representations, graphics cards are essential, and the Threadripper is ideal for this.


  • Looks Great
  • Chassis that Expands
  • Great Processor


  • Massive
  • High Price


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