What To Expect From Professional CMM Calibration Services In Connecticut?

When it comes to producing high-quality parts, having precise measurements is essential. One of the most important tools for measuring parts is the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). However, like all measuring tools, CMMs can become inaccurate over time. Therefore, it’s essential to have them calibrated regularly to ensure that they remain accurate. That’s where professional CMM calibration services come in. In Connecticut, KES Machine Tools provides professional CMM calibration services. In this article, we’ll explore what to expect from their services.

CMM calibration services are the process of verifying and adjusting a coordinate measuring machine’s accuracy and precision. Calibration services ensure that the machine is producing accurate measurements and that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Regular calibration of a CMM ensures that it remains in top condition and provides accurate measurements, which is essential for any business that relies on it for quality control.

Why is CMM Calibration Important?

CMMs are essential for quality control in manufacturing. These machines can detect and measure even the smallest deviations from a product’s design specifications. They are often used to ensure that parts meet the customer’s requirements, and they can also be used to identify defects in parts before they leave the production line.

However, CMMs are not infallible, and they can drift out of tolerance over time. This can lead to inaccurate measurements, which can have severe consequences, including product defects, customer complaints, and even product recalls. Therefore, regular CMM calibration is essential to ensure that the machine is producing accurate measurements and that the parts it measures are in tolerance.

What to Expect from Professional CMM Calibration Services?

When you hire professional CMM calibration services, you can expect a comprehensive service that includes the following:

1. Inspection and Cleaning of the CMM

Before the calibration process can begin, the CMM needs to be inspected and cleaned. This includes checking for any damage to the machine and cleaning the measuring probes and stylus. This ensures that the CMM is in good condition and ready for calibration.

2. Verification of CMM Accuracy

The next step in the calibration process is to verify the CMM’s accuracy. This is done by measuring a set of calibrated artifacts, such as gauge blocks or spheres, with the CMM. The measurements are then compared to the known values of the artifacts to determine the CMM’s accuracy.

3. Adjustment of CMM Parameters

If the CMM is found to be out of tolerance, adjustments must be made to the machine’s parameters. This can include adjustments to the machine’s software, hardware, or stylus configurations. The goal is to bring the CMM back into tolerance and ensure that it is producing accurate measurements.

4. Final Verification

Once the adjustments have been made, a final verification of the CMM’s accuracy is performed. This is done by measuring the same set of calibrated artifacts again and comparing the measurements to the known values. If the measurements are within the manufacturer’s specifications, the CMM is considered to be calibrated and ready for use.

Why Choose KES Machine Tools for CMM Calibration Services?

KES Machine Tools is a leading provider of CMM calibration services in Connecticut. The company has decades of combined experience as both end-users and service technicians, and they have what it takes to help your business produce in-tolerance parts quickly and consistently. Here are some reasons why you should choose KES Machine Tools for your CMM calibration needs:

1. Experience

KES Machine Tools has decades of experience working with coordinate measuring machines. They have worked with a variety of machines, including both manual and automated CMMs. This experience allows them to quickly identify and resolve issues with your machine, ensuring that it is calibrated and ready for use as soon as possible.

2. Certifications

KES Machine Tools is certified to perform calibration services on a wide range of coordinate measuring machines, including machines from leading manufacturers such as Hexagon, Brown & Sharpe, and Mitutoyo. This means that they have the knowledge and expertise to calibrate your machine to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring that it is producing accurate measurements.

3. Fast Turnaround Times

KES Machine Tools understands that time is of the essence in manufacturing. That’s why they offer fast turnaround times on their calibration services. They can often calibrate a CMM in as little as 24-48 hours, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your production line stays up and running.

4. Comprehensive Reports

KES Machine Tools provides comprehensive reports on their calibration services, including before and after measurement data, adjustment data, and any other relevant information. This ensures that you have a complete record of the calibration process and can easily demonstrate to auditors or customers that your CMM is calibrated and producing accurate measurements.


In conclusion, CMM calibration services are essential for ensuring that your coordinate measuring machine is producing accurate measurements and that your parts are in tolerance. KES Machine Tools provides comprehensive CMM calibration services in Connecticut, with a focus on experience, certifications, fast turnaround times, and comprehensive reports. If you need your CMM calibrated, consider contacting KES Machine Tools for a fast and reliable service.

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