Study MBBS in China | A Complete Guide

China is increasingly overtaking all other nations as the #1 choice for Pakistani students who want to finish their medical degrees swiftly. You should be aware that all Chinese medical schools that accept overseas students have course materials written in English if you’re wondering why Pakistani students opt to study MBBS in China. But, it is not the only one. There are other factors at play than merely the availability of English-medium education in choosing China as a career destination for international students, particularly those from Pakistan. You can learn more about studying MBBS in China on this website.

Why Study MBBS in China?

Worldwide Recognition

The Chinese government releases a list of medical institutions each year that are authorized to accept international students for medical studies. The medical schools on this list are all listed in the WHO (World Health Organization) medical school directory, so if you earn a medical degree from one of them, you’ll be completely eligible to sit for medical screening exams in the majority of developed countries, including the USA, UK, South Africa, Indian, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and others. After successfully completing the six-year medical degree program, which also includes a one-year internship, students are awarded their diploma. You may then take the MCI screening test when you return to Pakistan. If you succeed, you can choose where in Pakistan you want to practice medicine.

Affordable Medical Education

The very low cost of medical education at any top Chinese medical university, which provides almost equivalent educational quality to that of top Pakistani medical colleges, is a crucial factor in influencing Pakistani students’ decision to pursue a Study MBBS in China. Due to the fierce competition, only a select few students get admitted to medical programs out of the thousands of applications. because becoming a doctor is the most prestigious and lucrative profession in Pakistan. Enrollment at a medical institution is thus the only objective of both students and their parents.

Yet, as was already mentioned, attending a private medical school would cost you your kidneys as well as an arm and a leg! You won’t be able to find a reputable private medical school that will accept you into the MBBS program for less than 70 lakhs in total; many colleges would charge you around a crore for the six-year course of study. In this scenario, study MBBS in China enters the picture with its excellent medical education. A six-year medical degree program in China, comparable to the MBBS curriculum in Pakistan, can be finished for as little as 20 lakhs in total (without living expenses in China of course). If you still need more evidence, consider this:

Easy admissions procedure

In Pakistan, it is almost impossible for a typical student to be admitted to a government medical school due to the fierce rivalry. Nonetheless, it is straightforward to enroll at a reputable university to study MBBS in China to earn a medical degree. Admission to the university of your choice is guaranteed with a minimum PCBE score of 70% and NEET qualifying grades; no entrance exam is required.

You’ll find that joining a Chinese medical school is much easier when you compare the entrance requirements of medical schools in countries like Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. By choosing to study MBBS in China, you can bypass the lengthy line of students who are eager to take the NEET alongside you.

Low Expectations of Performance

Although Chinese medical schools may not have relatively tough entrance standards, this does not imply a lack of high-quality education. High-quality, globally recognized medical education is offered by medical universities that have acquired formal recognition from China, are included in the WHO database, and have received MCI accreditation. The top medical schools in Pakistan and China both have MBBS curricula that are nearly comparable.

English teaching methodology

When it comes to international students, this is the most crucial factor. Chinese universities are well aware of this. Since they instruct and engage with students in English, teachers who work with foreign students are proficient in the language. The institutes frequently employ English-speaking academics from other countries. If you’re afraid about pursuing a study MBBS in China and think you need to learn Mandarin to get admitted, nothing could be further from the truth.

Creative Pedagogies in the Classroom

Medical research is always developing. Each country is spending a lot of money on medical education and research. China is no different. China is one of the few countries that devotes a sizable amount of its GDP on healthcare and medical research each year. Each year, the Chinese government and businesses there contribute enormous amounts of money. In order to keep up with this rapid advancement, Chinese medical universities are also adopting and developing new and innovative medical teaching techniques. Chinese educational institutions continuously expose their MBBS students to the most modern medical discoveries, research, and technology.

A reasonable cost of living

Apart from the fact that studying medicine in China is around 70% less expensive than studying MBBS at any private medical school in Pakistan, the overall cost of living is shockingly inexpensive for an international student. Depending on where you are in China, the cost of living is often even less expensive than in any large Pakistani city, from the rent for an apartment or hostel to the cost of food. Naturally, fees would be greater in cities like Beijing or Shanghai, but the majority of medical schools are found in regions where tuition is affordable for international students.

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