Rat Infestation – Everything you Need to Know Before Contacting Rat Control Services

Regardless of the season and weather, the risk of pests, especially rat infestation, always exists. However, maintenance of regular cleaning and good hygiene practices can help you to eliminate or reduce this risk. The reason is that they are attracted to the cluttered areas which provide them with a lot of hidden places to build nests, food, and water resources. 

Rats not only carry infectious diseases but also cause bad smells and massive damage to property, home appliances, electrical wiring, and even clothes or papers. Therefore, hiring professional services for rat control in Surrey BC is compulsory for their immediate and effective removal. 

What is Rat Infestation? 

Rats are one the most common rodents with sharp teeth. Once one or more rats get entrance to your home, they start reproducing and increase their numbers in a short duration. It’s known as a rat infestation. It usually happens due to irregular cleaning, uncovering food containers, and moist places because all these factors provide them with safe shelter, food, and moisture that is crucial for their breeding or reproduction. 

When to Hire Rat Control Services?

Though it’s quite hard to detect rat infestation at the early stages, the presence of some crucial signs can help you to conclude whether your home is infested with rats or not. 

Here’s how you can know it’s time to hire rat control services: 

  • Gnawing or chewing marks on food, clothes, and other materials. 
  • Solid black droppings 
  • Unusual hearings or jumping noise at night hours 
  • The bed smells that arise due to their urine and dead rats in the nests 
  • Cutting electric wires 
  • Footprints on kitchen cabinets, walks, and floor 

Side Effects of Rat Infestation 

Rats are active hosts of more than 30 infectious diseases that can put your health at risk. Moreover, they also cause damage to your property and buildings. Some major effects of rat infestations are listed below 

  • They carry active pathogens that can cause more than 30 types of infectious diseases in humans, children, and pets.
  • Their presence causes a bad smell 
  • They can chew it and cut electric wires that result in an electric blackout 
  • They can bite your children and inject poison into them 
  • They damage property as they make burrows inside walls and earth 
  • They can damage your clothes, shoes, books, and other home appliances 

Tips to Control Rats Infestation 

Rats are one of the sharpest organisms in the rodent family. Once they get to your home, it’s quite hard to remove them completely. Therefore, taking measures to block their entrance to your home is a more reliable choice. 

You can use the following tips to protect your home from these nasty creatures. 

  • Make your home inhospitable to them as they are greatly attracted towards food, water, and shelter resources.
  • Detects and blocks all entrance points like door or wall holes, broken windows, under-door spaces, and crevices. 
  • Make sure to keep your food cover 
  • Remove water bodies 
  • Make your home clutter-free 
  • Regular cutting and trimming of your garden area 

Rats Disinfestation 

Are you experiencing rat infestation at your home or offices? You can use these effective methods to control their population and kick them out of your home. 

  • Using DIY repellents poison calls can help you to get rid of rats 
  • The use of physical traps is also an effective choice to kill rats 
  • Rodenticide sprays can also be used to kill rats or control their population. However, they lose their effectiveness after some time. 
  • Using pheromone baits can also help you to kill and kick off rats from your home 
  • The use of ultrasonic devices is also popular to get rid of rats without killing them. 
  • The best solution is to hire pest exterminators as they provide effective services to remove rats and their nests with professional advice to avoid re-infestation. 

Bottom Line 

Nothing can be more stressful and damaging than having a rats infestation at your home or office. From environment spoiling to spreading diseases and massive destruction to fire blasts, they can cause all types of havoc to your place. However, you can use this guide to know everything about rat infestation and methods to get rid of them completely. 

The best way to keep them away or remove them from your home is to hire professional rat control services as they are well-equipped with the right strategies, tools, and weapons to deal with any kind of situation.

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