Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating – Benefits / Applications/ Types

Water entrance frequently tracks down its direction into a structure; whether it’s through a crease or participation in materials, or through the weakening of textures like material felt. The test is to track down an answer that conveys strong waterproof insurance, without creases or joins, is not difficult to apply and is fast to give waterproofing characteristics. That is where Polyurethane based waterproofing Coatings come. It is comprised of two parts, a base and a reactor. Polyol goes about as the base, while isocyanide is the reactor part. The blend of both these in a particular plan proportion makes a fluid coating for waterproofing applications. Polyurethane is a somewhat famous decision because of its simplicity of establishment. Dissimilar to other waterproofing frameworks like sheet Coatings and fluid applied Coatings, this polyurethane application requires relatively less ability and management. Application is quick and this kind of treatment can be utilized for post-development applications also.

Polyurethane-based waterproofing Coatings is a fluid applied framework that offers definitive benefits, especially where consistent frameworks are wanted; either fundamentally or stylishly, and for mathematically convoluted associations with ventilation outlets or upswings.

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Polyurethane waterproofing Coating Benefits;


Polyurethane waterproofing Coatings yield consistent Coatings with long-haul adaptability while fixing around even in the most perplexing distensions turns out to be simple. Its benefits are;

i.Easy and quick establishment

ii. seamless finish

iii. Long-term strength and wear-safe

iv. UV and climate-safe

v.Resistant to soluble cleaners, sulfuric acid, and fills

vi.No huge burden increment on lightweight decks and rooftops

vii. Resistance to the frigid temperature

viii. Strong grip

ix. Easy and quick establishment

x.Perfect and tasteful appearance

xi. Resistance to erosion

xii. Impermeability

xiii. Resistant to root infiltration

xiv. Crack-connecting up to 2 mm, even at – 100C.

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The application technique for Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating


Polyurethane Waterproofing Coatings show high protection from standing water, consequently, it very well may be utilized on level rooftops without especially great slants. It gives a straightforward, secure, and simple answer for troublesome fixing focuses (for example corners, edges, joints with rooftop outlets, etc.).It makes a ceaseless, versatile Coating with magnificent mechanical strength, without joints or creases, and is utilized for both all-out fixings of level rooftop surfaces and for nearby waterproofing of breaks. Talked about underneath is ts application strategy

I.The rooftop surface should be entirely cleaned

II.Any breaks on a superficial level planning bed are sliced to the V segment, cleaned, and loaded up with a 1 section polyurethane based break-filling compound

III.The surface should be killed by eliminating alkalinity

IV.A two-pack polyurethane groundwork coat is first applied to the surface to act as a bond coat

V.Primer coat is blended in proportion according to Makers’ detail.

VI.A single layer of this groundwork is applied by brush over the pre-arranged bed as a grip coat. The groundwork is then permitted to dry for at least 8 hours before the progressive completing layers of PU are applied

VII.Allow to dry for no less than 8 hours.

VIII.PU coat is applied by brush or roller in 2 layers. The primary layer is applied 2-3 hours in the wake of preparation/The subsequent layer ought to be applied across the following 8-24 hours, contingent upon the weather patterns.

IX.The PU coating is proceeded with 150 mm up the railings or walls. It ought to likewise be gone on no less than 100 mm into the water pipes

X.The last Polyurethane cover is sprinkled with a micron layer of clean sand.


Application regions

I.Flat rooftops

II.Pitched rooftops


IV.Plaza decks


VI.Water tanks

VII.In wet sodden floor regions from inside and remotely

Used to fill the holes and breaks framed in the walls or floors of structures like passages, spans, substantial wall

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