Why Nail Scissor Are Widely Used in 2023:

It can be difficult to properly trim your toenails without Nail Scissor. There is a unique nail cutter for toenails called the convex nail clipper, thus using a standard nail clipper might not be enough to complete the task. This kind of nail clipper designed specifically for cutting tough toenails and is typically made of metal. It also usually comes with a nail file that you can use to smooth down any sharp edges after you’ve clipped your toenails.

The Most Useful Kind:

The common shape of the convex Nail Scissor is that of a lever. Nonetheless, some people choose to clip their toenails with pliers, guillotine, or scissor-style nail clippers, but the results are inconsistent. Whereas pliers feature two blades on separate handles, guillotine heads have a hole with sharp edges. The guillotine nail clipper utilized by placing it over your nail, after which its inner, sharp edge cuts across. On the other hand, pliers have handles that hinge in the middle, allowing the blades to cut your nail from both sides with only one clip.

Scissors Style Clippers:

These clippers used like conventional scissors and may require careful cutting on your part, they might not be the greatest choice for toenails. Instead, you might want to choose lever-style clippers, which have a small opening and horizontal heads that fit over a nail. The lever-style ones are extremely practical to use because they frequently come with nippers, files, and pointed tips that may also used to remove dirt from the nail beds.

Make your Blades Bigger and Sharper:

Even after repeated usage, a high-quality convex nail clipper keeps its edge. Moreover, the cutting edges stay strong and don’t chip or flex. Nail clippers with curved blades that won’t shave your skin are another option. How frequently should Shih Tzus’ nails trimmed is a common question. Given how quickly their nails grow, I would advise trimming them every four to six weeks for your Shih Tzu. Some owners trim the nails just a bit each week. 

Trimming a dog’s nails is a delicate process since the quick, a fragile area of flesh inside the nail that can be difficult to see, is present. If you mistakenly cut into it, your dog will begin to bleed and experience some brief discomfort. To cut the nails properly, nevertheless, is not at all difficult if you know how.

Pets Nails will Need to Clipped:

Dogs walk over surfaces that wear down their nails; the more a surface worn down, the more the nails will worn down. Shih Tzus don’t require a lot of exercise, thus their nails will need to clipped since they grow more quickly than they can  worn down. I’ll also remind you that all dogs have “dew claws,” or elevated leg nails, which are common in canines. The dew claws can get very lengthy because they never touch the ground. If nails are not clipped, they will grow into the dog’s paw pad and coil over, causing great discomfort and even breaking off.

Nail Scissor

Nail Clippers for Pets:

You can choose the type of guillotine or scissor that feels most comfortable to you. I would advise consulting a veterinarian or groomer first to obtain their advice on the best type to use. board of Emery (for filing and shaping the nail)

  • Static cling sticks or powder (in case you cut into the quick by accident)
  • Sweets (optional, to keep your Shih Tzu distracted while you work)
  • A second individual (also optional, to help hold the dog, depending on how stubborn your Shih Tzu is)

How to Trim Fingernails:

  1. Firmly grasp the paw in one hand and clip the nail’s top with the clippers.
  2. Examine the nail closely to determine where the pink-colored quick stops. To prevent harming the dog, you must not cut up to that point.
  3. Quickly remove the nail after you are certain you are only covering the dead region, then do the same with the remaining ones.
  4. Next, shape and smooth the nail using an emery board or file. Do not dig under the nail; instead, use the pointed end of the nail file to remove any dirt or debris.
  5. Use styptic powder or a styptic stick to halt the bleeding if you ever unintentionally cut the quick.

There is no reason why you can’t trim your Shih Tzu’s nails yourself and save money on a trip to the groomer as long as you take precautions. Just be certain you have everything you require, go cautiously, and keep an eye out for your dog’s emotions as you cut.


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