My Reading Manga Review: My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1

My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1 – Introduction
MyReadingManga released the first part of My Hero Academia Season 3 yesterday and I had to watch it. I have been following the series since it started airing in Japan back in 2014, so this was a big deal for me.

Here are my thoughts on the episode:

The opening animation is spectacular as always and sets the tone for what is to come. The fight between Deku and All Might is really well animated, with great action and comedy. It was great to see some classic Quirks from previous seasons return too.

The new characters introduced in this episode are pretty interesting, especially Midoriya’s friend Uraraka who has Super Strength. I am curious to see how her character develops over the course of the series.

I found myself getting rather emotional at points during the episode, especially when Deku reveals his true identity to All Might and recalls all of his hard work up until now. The ending sequence was also very touching. Overall, I thought this was an excellent introduction to the season and I can’t wait to see more!
The Plot of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1
The Plot of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1 The third season of the hit anime series on MyReadingManga, My Hero Academia, finally arrives on Netflix this month! The season is comprised of 24 episodes and follows the story of Midoriya Izuku as he continues to strive to become the greatest hero in all of Japan. In part 1 of our review, we take a look at how the season opens and Midoriya’s first big test.
A new villain has emerged in Japan and it’s up to Midoriya and his classmates to stop him! After being humiliated by All Might at a public exhibition, Uraraka Ochako forms a team with Iida Tenya and Todoroki Shouto to take down their new foe, Tokoyami Shoto. Along the way they must face off against some powerful opponents like Bakugou Katsuki and Momo Yaoyorozu. While their classmates are busy fighting for their lives, Midoriya takes on the challenge of becoming a full-time hero himself!

The Plot of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1 starts off strong with Midoriya taking on his first major challenge as a full-time hero. Uraraka Ochako and Iida Tenya also play an important role in this first episode by helping him out in his effort. Tokoyami Shoto is an interesting new villain who poses a significant threat to our heroes. This episode was filled with action throughout. I have read that on MyReadingManga.
The Characters of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1
The Characters of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1

In the third season of My Hero Academia, we follow the continuing adventures of Izuku Midoriya (voiced by Daiki Yamashita), a young boy who dreamt of becoming a superhero ever since he was a child. After being rejected from several superhero academies, Izuku joins The League of Villains, an organization made up of the most powerful villains in the world, in order to gain the skills and experience he needs to become a true hero. Along with his friends and rivals, Katsuki Bakugo (Kaito Ishikawa) and Tenya Iida (Kenichi Matsuyama), Izuku must fight against all odds to prove himself and become the next symbolic hero of Japan.

While some aspects of Season 3 are similar to those found in previous seasons, including heavy focus on character development and action-packed fights, it also features several new elements that make it stand out from its predecessors. One such new addition is the introduction of All Might (Hiroyuki Yoshino), a legendary hero known as the Symbol Of Peace who has helped train many other heroes over the years. All Might reluctantly agrees to help train Izuku after hearing about his situation, and their interactions provide much-needed comic relief throughout the season while also showing us glimpses into what makes All Might such an iconic figure. Other new characters introduced this season include female villain Shigaraki (Ryou Hiro
The Animation and Art Style of My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1
In My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1, the stakes continue to rise as Izuku and his friends grapple with the aftermath of the Battle of U.A. (although things are looking up for them in the interim). The animation and art style continue to be stellar as always, while the action is top-notch, making this one highly enjoyable ride. Fans of superhero anime rejoice – this is definitely a season not to be missed!
My Overall Thoughts on My Hero Academia Season 3, Part 1
I’ve now finished My Hero Academia season 3 and overall I really enjoyed it.

I found the first half of the season to be a little slower than I wanted, but once the tournament started it picked up momentum and was really exciting to watch. The ending was great and I can’t wait to see what happens in season 4.

Some of my favorite characters were definitely Midoriya and Uraraka, they were both so inspiring and Dynamic. I also really liked All Might, he was an amazing role model for Midoriya and showed him how important it is to have dreams and goals.

Overall, I thought this was a great season of My Hero Academia that I would recommend to anyone who is fans of manga or anime on MyReadingManga.

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