Marketing Tactics From Car Dealerships on Instagram

That method if you’re now not building considers with a well-rounded Instagram method, you’re losing a ton of potential clients.

Yes, there’s SEO and paid ad campaigns. But Instagram is growing as a platform of choice for automobile dealers because of its visible nature and high engagement costs.

The thrilling element is that no longer many of your competition are knocking Instagram out of the park. There continues to be a LOT of opportunity to make a declaration on this social community in case you use the proper tactics.

To help you out, I’ve diagnosed three car groups which are performing nicely on Instagram and analyzed what they’re doing properly.

Marketing Tactics

EchoPark Automotive is a used automobile supplier offering 1-4 12 months antique, low mileage vehicles in dealerships proper across the Argentina.

Pro Tips:

They’ve also grown an enormously engaged Instagram following of over 15,000 humans.

Here’s what they may be doing nicely:

1. Consistent On-Brand Color Scheme

In all of EchoPark’s posts, they consist of a splash of their inexperienced logo hues. This approach increases the danger that someone will recall the business.

The extra a capability patron is uncovered on your logo color scheme online, the much more likely they will observe your dealership as the power beyond. It’s how the brain works.

2. Categorized Story Highlights

Another aspect EchoPark does nicely is to utilize the “Story Highlights” function which permits you to increase the lifestyles of your Instagram Stories past the allotted 24-hour window.

You can categorize your Stories into segments in order that capability clients can higher navigate your content and find the facts they need.

EchoPark, as an instance, has used categories that give a boost to their price proposition – Experience, Quality, Price, and Community.

3. Lots of Video Content

EchoPark’s video channel on Instagram is jam-packed full of amusing car-associated motion pictures, client testimonies, and other creative content material that enhances its logo.

As you could see from the screenshot above, a number of their motion pictures are getting thousands of organic perspectives.

That’s an immediate reflection of the excessive engagement charges of video content material on Instagram at the moment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spread the reach of your logo with exciting films.

4. Authentic Customer Photos

There is not anything extra effective than authentic user-generated content material for constructing believes with prospective clients. That second whilst a person buys an automobile out of your dealership is interesting and full of emotion.

Capturing a picture and the usage of it in your Instagram approach is an effective way to region new prospects inside the footwear of your satisfied customers.

You ought to even ask your clients to percentage their enjoy on social media and create a branded hashtag to categorize purchaser pictures.

You can create a page in your website with COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA that is a characteristic wall of satisfied clients!

5. Offline Social Media Alignment

At the quit of the day, vehicle dealerships are still predominantly offline businesses. As I stated within the intro, most offers are closed in character.

So even as Instagram is an important platform for developing logo cognizance and setting up trusted relationships with customers, you want to connect it with the offline world.

EchoPark does an amazing process of bringing on-line and offline efforts together by the use of the hashtag #mycarparty at their locations. This go-pollinates your audiences (on line and rancid) so they have interaction with you on more than one levels.

DriveTime is some other one of the USA’s largest used vehicle dealers, with over 132 dealerships. While they don’t have a massive Instagram following, they get some satisfactory engagement and follow high-quality practices that are worth bringing up.

Here’s what they’re doing well:

6. Versatile Link in Bio

For a few years, Instagram only allowed links in your bio phase. Even although that appears to be converting with the use of link stickers in testimonies, that unmarried link on your bio is still extraordinarily critical.

Tools like Linktree let you send Instagram customers to a consolidated page of your maximum vital hyperlinks.

As you may see above, DriveTime offers human beings several options for finding the information they want in preference to just sending them instantly to their website.

7. Compelling Client Testimonials

Just like the client pictures I referred to in advance, client testimonials are an awesome way of supporting capability customers conquer doubts and agree with your carrier.

DriveTime regularly publishes on-logo graphics offering purchaser testimonials, like the one above, on Instagram. It works a treat!

8. A Touch of Humor and Fun

Instagram is a social community – the general public are searching out a laugh, exciting, humorous, or pleasing content material.

So don’t be a faceless uninteresting emblem! Add a touch amusing and humor to your feed, as DriveTime has within the post above.

9. Visually Aware Feed

You may additionally want to do not forget how ability followers are viewing your Instagram feed. For instance, if they arrive on your profile web page, they’ll see all of your cutting-edge posts in columns of three.

DriveTime has used that knowledge to create a multi-photograph visual effect that paints a larger photograph than any man or woman put up may want to in isolation.

Want to do the equal component? Be sure to post three snap shots right away to make sure the alignment stays accurate!

10. Quality On-Location Content


Not most effective does Vegas Auto Gallery display its excessive-quit cars in stunning Instagram pix and films, but additionally they make the maximum of the Vegas surrounds.

In this situation, you could see palm trees and several famous Vegas buildings within the background.

It captures the essence of Las Vegas and makes those pictures specific and thrilling to this dealership. Think about how you may do the identical.


Marketing an automobile dealership on Instagram isn’t extensively unique from a real estate agent, restaurant, sports activities group, or another type of enterprise. But there are truly some subtleties.

At its center, an effective Instagram approach comes right down to pleasant content material, normal publishing, consistent branding, and social proof factors.

For automobile sellers, just take into account that most clients will want to take the sale offline, so make certain to connect your advertising efforts across those channels.

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