8 of the Easiest Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Canada.

Do you want more followers on Instagram? It’s no secret that the platform has become a powerhouse for brands and businesses to reach new customers. But even if you’re not a business, it can be helpful to have more Instagram followers who might be interested in your content. So how can you go about getting more Instagram followers? Luckily, there are some easy techniques you can use. Check out these tips and start growing your following today!

Consistent Aesthetic

Another relatively easy way of increasing your Instagram followers is by being consistent with the aesthetic that your account is using. Why is it important to be consistent with your aesthetic? Well, not only does it look amazing when an account has a consistent aesthetic, Instagram users will typically look at an account to get an idea of what sort of content is posted. By having a consistent aesthetic, you will make it easier for potential followers to make that decision.

Consistent Posting

Finally, one of the easiest things you can do to gain more Instagram followers is by consistently posting. There are millions of Instagram users and many of which post content all the time. This means that if you are posting inconsistently or not posting often enough, it’s easy for your account to be drowned out. To avoid this from happening, you should post consistently and therefore you should see an increase in followers over time.

Use Stories

Another relatively easy way of gaining more Instagram followers is by using Instagram Stories. It should be said though, that by using Instagram Stories you won’t automatically begin increasing your followers. However, if you use Instagram Stories correctly, you will increase the levels of engagement that your account receives and thereby increasing the likelihood it will be shown to other others.

Use Reels

One of the best ways that you can go about gaining more Instagram followers is by using Instagram Reels. Reels are short video clips that have been overlaid with sound or soundtrack and are usually either funny, educational, or entertaining. Reels are great to use since they are shown to people who are not yet your followers.

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Promote Posts

Probably one of the easiest ways that you could gain Instagram followers is by promoting various posts. Why is this method so easy? Because it does not require you to do a single thing after you have published your content and selected a post to promote. The great thing about promoting posts is that you can define your target audience, which means that you can target an audience as well as the fact that you can look at the analytics of the promoted post to see which are working and which aren’t.

Use Hashtags

Another incredibly easy way to gain more Instagram followers is simply by using hashtags when you post. Hashtags group content that is similar which helps to increase the discoverability of your account. Of course, you shouldn’t just use any old hashtag. You need to do some hashtag research to find out which are the most popular and the most popular, which relate to your content.

Comment on Posts

The next really easy way to increase your Instagram followers is simply by commenting on different posts. Essentially how this works is when you comment on a post, especially if your comment is interesting or educational, there is a high likelihood that people that read the comments might follow you back. Again, you could strategically do this by commenting on the posts of accounts that might be interested in your content or niche.

Follow and Unfollow

One of the truly easiest ways that you can get more Instagram followers is simply by going on something called a following spree. The following spree is basically when you begin following a bunch of different accounts and hoping that they will follow you back, then you could also unfollow them afterward. If you don’t know how to do that, take a look at Earthweb’s advice on how to mass unfollow on Instagram. What you could also do is do a strategic follow spree by following people who you think are most likely to follow you back that will have some sort of interest in your content or niche.

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