Important Considerations When Purchasing Your New Rowing Machine

Most modern rowing machines offer variable resistance in one form or another, so you can take full advantage of this workout regardless of your current fitness level. One word of caution: start slowly with light resistance, and employ proper rowing techniques. Over-exerting too soon or using improper form can hurt you. Modern rowers are built on a frame that is usually metal (although some models are made from wood) with a seat that slides on that frame. The frame should be sturdy and heavy enough to remain steady on the floor when you row. The seat should be comfortable and should slide smoothly and effortlessly. The foot pads should be easily adjustable; if they pivot, all the better opvouwbare hometrainer decathlon.

Four types of resistance are available on modern rowers. Choosing the right type of resistance for your rowing needs will pay off long into the future. Resistance is supplied by gas or hydraulic pistons, attached either to the frame or to the handlebars, which act as the oars. Changing resistance levels is achieved manually, usually by adjusting knurled knobs on or near the pistons. The better piston-type machines use “out-rigger” style handlebars, to more closely mimic the actual movement of oars.

These machines tend to be reasonably priced, but if you are serious about rowing, a piston-style rower is probably not for you. The pistons will heat up during workouts that last longer than 30-45 minutes, and the added heat will affect their resistance. Eventually, hydraulic pistons will fail and need to be replaced. For the serious rower, one of the other resistance types outlined below is strongly recommended.

These machines have a flywheel with a magnetic brake to provide resistance. Most units offer twelve or sixteen variable resistance levels, usually adjusted on the control panel. Some, but not all, magnetic units, can be folded for storage, so if space is a consideration in your workout area, take note of whether your unit can be stowed folded. Magnetic resistance machines are extremely quiet, and also provide a very smooth rowing experience. Prices will be higher than piston-type machines, but the tradeoffs are well justified.

The flywheel on these rowers is similar to a fan blade, and wind resistance is created as you pull on the handle. How quickly you pull determines the amount of resistance, and resistance tends to increase through your stroke as the flywheel speeds up. Some growers say that this is not a natural feeling of rowing, and they prefer either the magnetic or fluid models.

Adjustments and preset programs are limited on air-only machines, so if program features are important to you, you may wish to consider other magnetic or fluid models. A number of modern rowers now employ a combination of Magnetic and Air Resistance, and these machines fall in the mid to upper price ranges. Most of these combination units do allow for programming adjustments.

These rowers feature a paddle-type wheel that is in a water tank. Resistance is initiated by pulling the handle, which spins the flywheel which drags against the water. Just like an oar in the water, the resistance is immediate and consistent throughout the stroke (unlike an air-resistance rower where the resistance increases through the stroke as the fan speeds up). As you pull faster, resistance increases and it becomes harder to hometrainer kopen decathlon. Slow down your pace and the resistance decreases, just like rowing a boat in water. Fluid-resistance rowers tend to be the most expensive rowers, but aficionados of these models claim the realistic experience justifies the added cost. Many of the fluid rowers are made of wood, and as such, are not only exercise equipment but also beautiful pieces of furniture that you can be proud to display.

Once you have decided on the type of resistance mechanism, other features to investigate include the type of display monitor on the machine, and its programming options. Is the display easy to read, and can you make adjustments to the program easily or do you have to stop your workout? How many programs will it store, and will it keep an ongoing record of your workout progress? Many machines have a heart rate monitor included in the display. Some are wireless, some require a chest strap, some clip to your ear lobe. If this a feature you’re looking for, consider how you are most comfortably wired to the machine… it can make a difference.


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