CHEAPER AIRLINE TICKETS,  We all trust popular IT services. One of them is GOOGLE FLIGHTS, the best flight search platform in the world today. 

Showing you all available flights from all airlines in the world and helping you find the cheapest prices. 

Unfortunately, that is NOT TRUE. 

Because google tends to show prices that adjust to your LOCATION and TIME OF THE WEEK, as some frequent fliers have been complaining that you get shown lower prices when looking for the same flight from France as compared to Switzerland or Germany. 

In order to combat this and show the LOWEST PRICES all the time a site called say they have invested a lot in those efforts. 

The page Voy Travels say: ´´Google doesn’t always show higher prices, but to those people to whom such a thing happens we want to make sure that they get that 20% (on average) better deal´´.

Here is one side-by-side comparison for the same flight for the 17. Of February 2023. From Zurich to London on Google Flights and then on Voy Travels:

And here is another comparison for the New York to Paris flight on the 08. of March 2023. 

Another example where Google Flights didn´t even list the flight price for the Wizz Air flight from Basel to Belgrade 28. December 2022.

´´There are also some multiple stop flights that don´t even appear on Google Flights but are available on and turn out to be even cheaper.´´

For those who want emphasis on finding THE MOST AFFORDABLE FLIGHTS available on the internet, they had the following to say: 

´´We advise searching for flights at least one month in advance, and also looking to book during the middle of the week as there is less traffic and a greater chance for discounts´´

It remains to be seen whether the small and diligent enterprises will be able to make their way next to popular tech giants.


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