How to Deal with Time Anxiety at Work?

It is a known fact that not every person works with the same efficiency. Few are quicker than others and few might be too slow. But there is a category of people who face what is known as Time Anxiety. Time Anxiety is the constant thought within someone’s mind that he/she is wasting time or the time is never enough to complete the allotted tasks.

Define what time means to you

One must first understand the importance of time and the approx plan which has to be executed in conjunction with the same. You need to accept few major facts about time that its something which would naturally continue to move on and the passed by time will never come back. So rather than wasting your energy in thinking about the gone time, why can’t you plan ahead?

Find your way of time well spent

Every person in this world is different and likes to spend time in different ways. Someone could enjoy sitting infront of the computer for hours and someone else may like to walk around. You need to define your way the one which aligns well with your nature of working. Once that is clear, you can jot down the positive and the negative time for you and introspect accordingly. There are various moments when a person thinks that time is not well spent but actually it may be the reverse. We need to avoid such situations at all.

Plan & Schedule your calendar

If you need to a productive employee, always plan your work, your meetings, your learning journey in advance. This can be done via a simple calendar tool like calendly or an employee tracking software and many more. Use sticky notes for noting down important work junctions. Such small practices have a bigtime impact on the working efficiency of an employee

Take Regular Breaks

Work and leisure go hand in hand and every professional needs to understand this at some or the other moment of time. Frequent breaks from work are needed at any workplace. It could be as small as a tea break or a gossip break or as long as a vacation.

Time anxiety may affect workplace productivity negatively and that is why it is vital to manage it on time.

Employee Monitor System supports organizations in managing the employee time anxiety by creating a channel for evaluating the time spend on various activities both for the employer and the employee. The health360 feature also suggests employee health as per the productive working time and unproductive working time of the employees.

Its high time now that organizations should start reframing their policies to accommodate newer kinds of employee issues.

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