Exciting Character Dolls For Girls

Girls are always passionate about their dolls and love to have a vast collection of amazing dolls in their toy treasure. Girls watch cartoons and admire their characters and also wish to have these character dolls in their hands. Nothing is more appealing than a cocomelon interactive doll for a baby girl. Cocmelon is the most popular cartoon figure among kids, so these cocomelon character dolls are the best to indulge kids with toys and make them away from screens. 

Kids are fond of cartoons and spend most of their spare time in front of screens, but it is healthy for kids. Watching excessive screens affects the kid’s memory and eyesight. So as parents, it is your responsibility that you should provide productive toys like baby dolls, character dolls, RC toys etc., to their children so that they can play and learn at the same time. 

Cocomelon Interactive Doll: 

It is a very popular doll among children in the UK; this cute doll has a  funny facial expression that attracts kids. The cocomelon doll comes with a feeding spoon and a pea bowl; kids can play various role-play with this doll playset. Pretend plays are very productive for kids and enhance the imagination and creativity of the babies. Cocomelon interactive doll UK has three interactive features for the entertainment of cutie pies.

Sing with me: kids can press the doll’s tummy to play the sound, such as giggles and phrases.  It has 3 amazing songs this is the way, my name song and yes, vegetable. Kids can play and sing with the doll. It will enhance their verbal skills and keep them indulged for a long time.  

Feed me: children can feed their cocomelon interactive doll with peas given with the doll playset. While feeding, kids can play yes, yes, a vegetable song that gives a realistic feeling. 

Dress me: this doll comes with changeable outfits; children can dress up their dolls according to their fashion sense. This productive gift can be by from any toy store in the UK. if you are searching for the best store, then you can visit IBuyGreat, one of the best online toy stores in the UK. So, dont wait and buy this unique gift for your cutie pies

Barbie Doll: 

Barbie doll is one of the favourite character dolls of kids. These amazing dolls come in various styles and exciting accessories like outfits, shoes, make-up and pets. Doll toys are most popular among girls, and they love to recreate their favourite cartoon scenes. Characters doll is a perfect gift for kids above 3 years and is made of non-toxic material, which is completely safe for kids. There are various types of barbie dolls, some of which are given below:

  • Barbie extra beanie doll
  • Barbie career dolls 
  • Barbe totally hair doll assorted 
  • Barbe extra doll
  • Barbie dolls Chelsea edition 


Playing is the primary job of the kids and want stay busy with their toys. Only kids’ favourite toys make them happy. So you should consider kids’ choices while buying toys for them. Purchasing the right toys for your cutie pies is very simple, just check out the amazing collection of toys online at reliable stores and grab your kid’s beloved toys. 

Kids have short attention spans, so it is recommended to provide them with exciting and interactive toys to stay entertained for a long time. Toys play an essential role in the motor and cognitive development of cutie pies, so you should wisely select the toys for them.

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