Designing A Menu That Sells Tips And Tricks

A well-designed menu is a significant ingredient in running a successful restaurant or cafe business. Careful placement and planning of items in a menu does not only help restaurants to get profit but also simplify ordering for the customers. Your menu design is more than a simple piece of paper with dishes you provide listed on it along with their price and description. When carefully planned, it may act as a means of upselling your dishes too. A great thought goes into menu design, and today we have married down some tips and tricks that can delight your customers by designing a menu that sells:

1. Promote the Profitable Items More

Your most profitable product is the one that does not take a lot of time to prepare, requires low-priced ingredients, and can be sold at a greater price. This product must be highlighted in the menu design or must be presented as a weekly or daily special item on the table that grabs the attention of your customers. Or else, you may also place it in the “Favorites’ segment to lure your customers to order it.

2. Use Relative Pricing

Playing on customer’s psychology goes a long way to make your menu design a perfect one. Menu engineering can be an integral part of a restaurant management. Customers often order cheap dishes when compared to things that are expensive. Place your cheaper, yet profitable dishes next to expensive ones that perfectly complement the previous dishes. Hence, you can highlight the expensive ones that complement inexpensive items and make your customers order more.

3. Manage the Menu Size Well

Great menu designs with endless choices of cuisines may lead to confusion for customers. By narrowing down the list, you can cut down the menu, lessen the variety of raw ingredients needed, enhance the efficiency of staff to present and prepare the food in a nice manner and help your customers make a swift decision. You may also introduce local, rare specials to beat your competitors by serving similar items.

4. Make Sure the Menu Design is Uncluttered

The menu layout must be uncluttered and clear. You should divide the restaurant menu into logical sections by using boxes and lines such as Drinks, Sweets, Pizza, Pasta or Starters. The font used in the menu must be bold, visible and aesthetically pleasing. The theme of the menu design must reflect on the color, font type, and must match the overall design of your restaurant. Hence, you may create a cuisine-centric appearance and feel to the menu design and the ambiance that quickly connects people to the food. In addition, make sure to remember that a lot of graphics can look messy and take away the attention of your customers from the menu items.

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