Color matching SEINT Makeup (previously Maskcara) is easy with this helpful guide. Discover the best highlight and contour shades for your skin tone.

WHAT I Knew About Makeup Before I Tried Mascara

Full-coverage makeup is something I rarely use. It seemed like too much trouble, and I don’t like looking too made up or like I’m wearing a mask. Not that I’m lazy, but why would I spend an hour trying to bake a cake on my face when it’s already pretty and relatively good skin? I chose to limit myself to just eye shadow instead. For over 15 years, I only put on eye makeup, never anything else for my face.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been using the same face products, but I didn’t realize how much had changed. The way something looked the last time you saw it can easily become the way it always looks in your mind. Whenever I considered using foundation, images of Cover Girl and a worn-out wedge sponge came to mind. It took only the act of typing to bring back the familiar scent of the building’s base. Back then, women’s makeup ended at the jawline, and they rarely blended into their necks. Only made worse by the fact that you would then apply 15 coats of pressed powder from a compact, dropping it repeatedly while desperately hoping neither the powder disc nor the mirror would break. Do you recognize this? It seems like I’m remembering the history of women’s cosmetics from more than just my own generation.

What I Did to Find Sinnt Makeup

Back in late 2019, when it was still known as Maskcara Beauty, I stumbled upon seint discount code. Several Maskcara musicians caught my attention, so I began following them on social media. I was blown away by the results when I compared their before and after photos and watched video after video of them applying the 3d foundation. Even when I watch videos where the task at hand appears simple, I can’t help but wonder how many times it was practiced behind the scenes before it looked so natural. Still, it was convincing enough that I wanted to give it a shot myself. Simply put, if I was able to put it to use, then anyone could.

In addition, I try to stay away from makeup and other beauty products made by companies that are known to use endocrine-disrupting chemicals. This usually rules out the high-end brands.

I was intrigued by the claim that Seint IIID foundation contains no ingredients with a rating higher than a 4 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, so I decided to investigate. The ingredients are pure and uncomplicated. Surprisingly, it is made with only a handful of components: liquid paraffin, Petrolatum, ozokerite wax, beeswax, acetyl esters, lanolin, zinc stearate, phenoxyethanol, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, and ultramarines.

After watching numerous IGTV tutorials, I decided to dive headfirst into the makeup world and purchase a full Pro Artist Kit to try out all of the foundation shades individually and familiarize myself with the tools and techniques involved. When I applied makeup for the first time, everything went smoothly and blended easily. My face was radiant and smooth, and my makeup held up all day. Seint has created a method that is simple to implement in addition to producing high-quality products.


As of 2013, Cara Killpack had her own makeup line called Seint (formerly Maskcara). Maskcara is a one-step makeup system that uses cream foundations, highlights, contours, and blushes to improve skin tone, correct color, conceal dark circles under the eyes, sculpt features, and generate “perfect lighting” on the face. HACing is the term for this (highlight and contour).

Makeup novices would be wise to start with a cream formula, as it is easily masked and can be applied with a light hand. When it comes to applying Maskcara cosmetics, the technique you’ll learn is foolproof; believe me when I say that if I can do it, anyone can! The fact that a little goes a long way makes it an incredible bargain.

You can create your own custom palette with the Seint Beauty colors because they all come in magnetic tins. You no longer have to use up half the tin of paint before getting to the last of the other colors.


Click the button below to shop with me as your consultant if you’ve already decided on what you want to buy and are ready to place an order. Keep reading if you’re still unsure how to choose the best shades for your eyes.


Taking a moment to answer a few questions before adding items to your cart will help you find the perfect complement to your style. Before you complete your purchase, I want you to know for sure that you have selected the appropriate hues. You have 60 days from the time you receive your order to decide whether you are satisfied with the products or want a refund or replacement.

Discover Your True North

Let’s talk about how your undertone contrasts with your skin tone in a bit. To have a “undertone” means to have a lot of shadows on your skin. The good news is that there are some simple methods to discover the answer.

You can tell your undertone by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrists: blue veins indicate a cool undertone, green veins a warm undertone, and blue-green veins a neutral one.

The next step is to consider the colors that you most frequently wear. You have cool undertones if blue and white look good on you. On the other hand, you have warm undertones if you lean toward oranges, reds, and creams. Lastly, if you like to mix it up, you have neutral undertones because you wear a variety of colors and styles.

The same principle applies to jewelry: if you favor yellow gold pieces, your tone spectrum leans toward the warm end of the spectrum. Have a penchant for platinum or white gold instead? Your voice has a chilly quality to it.

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Once you know your undertone, choosing a color that compliments your skin tone will be a breeze. Fair, light, medium, dark, and deep all describe gradations of skin tone.

If you want a perfect color match, I recommend taking a makeup-free selfie in front of a window with indirect light and comparing it to someone with a similar complexion. Listed below is a grid I made with some examples. Here’s where you can begin creating your own color scheme:


You still have no idea where to begin, right? Read on for a quick color chart. You can find the best matches for your primary highlight, illuminating highlight, and contour shade among the full range of IIID Foundation colors and read about their undertones and skin tones in the accompanying descriptions. You can fix color and texture problems with color correction (just keep reading below). Organize your own personal color scheme and get started today.


Please fill out my color matching form if you’re still having trouble deciding on a palette after reading this entire post.

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