Best Option for desert safari in Dubai, For morning safari and camel ride

During the morning desert safari, you will be able to explore desert dunes and desert life. Moreover, you will be able to witness the desert sunrise and sunset. Depending on your desert safari package, you may enjoy a traditional desert BBQ or Bedouin dinner at an authentic desert campsite. Live entertainment, such as belly dancing performances and desert music, will also be part of the desert safari experience. Desert safari prices vary depending on the package chosen. Our desert safari packages come with various features, making them well-suited for any budget and style.

Desert Safari Packages

Our desert safari packages range from a basic experience to luxurious options with additional activities. Depending on your package, desert safari prices can include pick-up and drop-off service, dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, desert barbeque, henna painting, and belly dancing. Along with desert safari prices, you can customize your desert experience to include special activities such as desert camping, desert photography sessions, and desert quad biking. We offer the best desert safari prices in town and guarantee that our packages will provide you with an unforgettable desert experience.

Is camel riding available in Morning desert safari?

Yes, camel riding is available in desert safari Dubai packages. You will also get a stunning view of a desert sunset and sunrise from the back of your camel. Depending on the desert safari package, you may enjoy desert music, belly dancing, and other traditional desert activities while riding the camel. Take advantage of this unique desert experience! Safety and measures in camel riding Safety is the top priority in desert safari activities, including camel riding. Qualified desert guides will provide safety instructions before embarking on the desert safari activities.

Safety measures

Additionally, desert safaris are conducted in small groups for an enhanced safety experience. The desert guides will also ensure that the desert terrain and wildlife are not endangered. Furthermore, desert guides will ensure that all equipment, such as camel saddles, is checked before the desert safari activity begins. Rest assured that all desert safaris are conducted in a safe and secure environment.


Desert safari packages in the Morning offer an array of desert activities such as camel riding, sand boarding, and photography.

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