Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone Have Tips for the Businesses

According to Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone, maintaining books of accounts and submitting audited financial statements has become more essential than ever before implementing the new regulations throughout the UAE. Except for a handful of free zones, the submission of certified financial reports was never a requirement on the mainland and free zone within Dubai. However, when the corporate tax takes effect on June 1st, 2023, most businesses must keep their books of account. Certain companies may have to have certified financial statements to be eligible for tax exemptions.

If it’s not legally required or demanded from lenders or investors, Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone prefer to refrain from undergoing annual audits conducted in Sharjah. Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone owners need to pay more attention to the idea of having their accounts scrutinized by audit companies in Dubai. However, audits are a way to assure your creditors, investors and the government of your company’s financial health. Auditors in Dubai assist you in ensuring that you comply with the obligatory compliance requirements and safeguarding your business from fraud. The following suggestions will help SMEs get through an audit within the UAE:

Get Organised Quickly

When you sign up with audit companies located in Dubai, they will give you the list of documents required a couple of months before the scheduled audit. You must go through the list, assemble the necessary documents, and store them in a readily accessible place. It could serve as a storage unit centrally located to drive software for management or a physically-built file cabinet. Ensuring that documents are kept in the format approved by the auditors is essential.

Maintain Orderly Records Via Routine Upkeep

The financial statement analysis can be more quickly completed if the auditors begin with precise and reliable data. However, the auditing process will be slowed if auditors are required to comb through a mess of records or search to find reconciled accounts. Avoiding this by staying on top of essential accounting processes, such as keeping your documents organized is possible.

Be sure to complete your bank reconciliation or make adjustments to inventory until the final minute. Take as much data as possible, including figures and dates, client engagement dates and justifications for changes, etc., and make them available to auditing staff in Dubai. If this is difficult, you could outsource the work to an accounting and bookkeeping company. This will help save time for both you and the auditor and minimize the disruption to your employees.

Keep Auditors Informed

When choosing the best one from the many audit companies in Dubai, maintaining contact with them all year round is highly recommended. Additionally, contacting the auditors before signing any major contract or doing something extraordinary is essential. If auditors have previous information, it can help them save time and allow them to assist in the process of arranging agreements effectively.

Use The Right Tools

Utilizing the right tools improves efficiency and reduces the time spent by auditors checking figures. For instance, a business with a point-of-sale system that instantly uploads transactions into the ledger account is more efficient than a business that does not have one. Reliable accounting software and system allow auditors to view and report their performances in real-time. It’s essential to save time and show the auditors that there is nothing to cover up.

Automated bookkeeping is a great option when your company is growing while your accounting is getting more complicated. Artificial intelligence and auditing are vital components of the accounting world, and with the proper assistance, you can provide innovative methods to your table.

Separate Personal and Business Accounts

All business owners, not just those with small-sized businesses, must ensure that their company accounts are distinct from personal ones. If you don’t adhere to these critical accounting recommendations, start now. It can help avoid any confusion or discrepancies – intended or not while you prepare your audit.

Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone Keep an Audit Trail

The preparation of an audit trail or audit log is required for SMEs to make it easier to manage an audit. Audit trails systematically record the historical and specifics of a financial transaction, work-related process, event or entry into the financial ledger. An audit trail can allow you to keep exact trade details to help the auditors manage it while tracking the financial records. A course of audits is an excellent indicator that your accounting records for your company are appropriately addressed.


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