Are Reusable Kits Convenient To Use?


Instead of ease of convenience, if you want to build vape kits according to your desire, it is best to choose reusable ones. It offers many alterations in the setup of vaping kit so that you can customise the reusable kit according to your vaping preferences.

Reusable Vape Kits Are Easy To Use:

If you want to customise the vape according to your choice so that your vaping sessions become more enjoyable, reusable kits like Voopoo Argus facilitate you by offering multiple personalisations. For this concern, reusable vaping devices have been most commonly used recently, as these kits offer many alterations in the device setup. It includes customisations in resistance and adjustable watts and is available at affordable prices. The following is a comprehensive explanation of each of them:

Customisable Resistance:

The reusable vape mod facilitates vapers by offering various resistance; you can customise the device according to your vaping style. If you are a beginner, you can set the kit at low resistance, whereas if you are a habitual vaper or prefer to have an MTL vaping style, it is recommended to regulate the kit at high resistance, which means the resistance of coils is more than 1-ohm. For instance, the Voopoo Argus XT is a vape kit that facilitates vapers with a resistance of 0.05 – 3.0 ohms.

Refillable Tanks:

Reusables have an integrated tank in which eliquids can be refillable. These kits are empty initially but have a capacity of 2ml eliquid, according to the regulations of TPD. Therefore, you can fill the e-juice tank according to your choice; such as, the Voopoo Dag S has a bottom-filling system which helps vapers to refill the tank without the mess.

Adjustable Wattage:

Vapes of reusable setups allow customisations in wattage. Adjusting the device wattage signify the alterations in the temperature. Regulating the reusable device at a suitable temperature is critical as your vaping experiences, like the intensity of e-juice flavour and others, depending on the temperature and heating mechanism of the kit.

If you are a cloud-chaser and want to blow big vape clouds, it is recommended to set the vaping kit at high wattage. Whereas, if you want to take relaxed sensations while vaping, it is suggested to set the kit at low wattage. In addition, for ideal eliquid flavours and vapours, it is good to set the vape between 50W to 100W. For instance, the Voopoo Argus XT facilitate you by setting the kit at 60W.

Rechargeable Batteries:

Reusable vaping kits are composed of rechargeable batteries; one of the vital facilities of reusables is that you can recharge the kit. As the battery is an integral part of vapes, it provides current to the coil, which then heats the eliquid and converted it into vapours. Therefore, recharging batteries are crucial in enjoying a satisfactory vaping session. Some reusable vape kits, like Voopoo Drag S, facilitate vapers by providing a Type-C cable with the device.


The reusable kits are pocket-friendly vaping devices as they are a single-time investment; instead of buying vaping devices after a limited time, you need to purchase a device once. you can do many customisations according to your vaping concerns. For example, the Voopoo Argus is a series of pod kits which provide vape kits at an affordable price, such as the Voopoo Argus XT is available at £44.99.


To conclude the discussion, it is stated that if you want to enjoy vaping by setting up the kit of your choice, reusable pod kits are preferable. It is affordable and provides many customisations like resistance, refillable tanks, adjustable wattage, and rechargeable batteries.

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