6 Acceptable Reasons Why Your Baby Struggles to Sleep Properly

The one question almost all people ask new parents is regarding the sleep schedules with the newborn. With the arrival of the bundle of joy, your life seems to turn upside down. Becoming a parent is a blessing, but it also comes with many responsibilities. Parents try to get the wardrobe ready before the due date. In this modern era, shopping for babies is not a hectic task. You can find many styles of baby clothes online Pakistan and other countries. It is also better to make several arrangements before the arrival of the little ones because, after the birth, you will have other issues to handle. 

Most of the time, the first few months seem like a blur. You will have baby blues, feeding cycles, and nappy rash to handle. Another messed up thing many parents face is the sleep schedule. Figuring out a great sleeping routine for yourself and the baby is one of the most complicated tasks many parents face. No one in your home is more likely to get enough sleep during the first few months. While on the other hand, your newborn may also face some problems with their naps. Some babies sleep through the night immediately. However, some struggle to get a peaceful slumber for a few hours. The truth is every parent runs with the issue once in a while. 

Know that the way babies sleep is different than the adult ones. The needs of your newborn are constantly changing. It can be the reason they are struggling with sleep. Another problem might be that they are not comfortable enough. There are plenty of reasons your baby is not getting any peaceful slumber. No matter how complicated the sleep may get, it is essential to figure out what might be the reason that is not letting your baby sleep peacefully. You can treat the problems your newborn is facing after you pinpoint the root cause. 

Reasons why your baby is struggling to sleep properly:          

Studies show that after four to six months, babies start showing noticeable progress in sleeping. But if your baby is still not getting a comfortable sleep, it can be a new challenge for parents. In this blog, we are enlisting the top six reasons why your baby is struggling with sleep.

1. Your baby is hungry:       

One of the most common reasons your baby struggles with sleeping can be hunger. Remember that kids do not have schedule hunger. They will want milk at any time of the day or night. Most times being hungry can cause hurdles in the sleep routine. It is better to try to feed your baby before going to sleep.

2. An uncomfortable environment can be the reason:

Are you sure you provide your baby with a comfortable environment for sleeping? Know that comfort means much more than a soft bed. When it comes to babies, comfort remains the priority. You cannot expect your little one to sleep in uncomfortable surroundings. You must ensure the clothes, blankets, bed, and temperature are perfect. Do not forget that many babies also need a quiet area to sleep peacefully.

3. Reflux is a common issue:

Babies deal with digestive issues a lot. It is very usual for your little one to have some gastrointestinal issues. Know that many babies deal with reflux or other digestive problems. You can contact a doctor to give your baby the appropriate medications. If your baby lays flat on the back after eating, the chances of reflux will increase. It is better to pat the back of the baby to avoid such issues.

4. Keep an eye on the diaper:

Kids can dirty their diapers at any time. If you are at a formal occasion, make sure you have several diapers with you. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, you should check the diaper. If you notice any smell, leakages, or poo, change the diaper as soon as possible. Remember that not changing the diaper can cause skin issues and rashes on your baby’s skin.

5. Is your baby teething?

Teething can start earlier and end longer than you think. According to studies, teething is a common issue of discomfort among babies. If your baby is at a teething age, then it might be the cause of sleep disturbance. If your baby is drooling or chewing fingers, these are the signs of teething. You can contact the doctor to soothe the teething pain for your baby.

6. Never overlook the schedule:

Irregular schedules can make sleep a challenge for your baby. If your baby is over six months, it should develop a slight routine for sleeping. The sleep schedule can be an issue if you make them sleep at the wrong time. You can try to stick to the same sleep schedule or create a new one slowly.

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