10 Blazer Ideas to Make Your Work Look Count

Being a working woman is not easy. With already a staggering number of things on your mind, keeping up with the latest fashion trends can become quite a bit of a struggle. But you should never compromise on your appearance since it can question your professionalism. We know it is extremely difficult to come up with creative ideas to look your best every day. But with a bit of planning and creativity, you can turn even your old dress into something super chic and stylish.

So what is the key to making a pretty dress even prettier every day? Put on a blazer. Yes, you heard that right. Blazers can turn boring dresses into attractive one literally in seconds. So, whether you are opting for women party wear dresses or a street style dress, always put on a gorgeous blazer. I know what you are thinking. How can you find stylish blazers that go with most of your outfits? Here are 10 ideas for the best work blazers that can instantly make you look voguish.

1: Shine Like a Diamond with a White Blazer

Whether you wear dresses with light shades of pink, yellow or green, you don’t have to worry about pairing them up with the matching colored blazer. A white blazer can go well with all of them and save you a lot. So, girls, a white blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe collection.

2: Black Can Never Be Out of Fashion

Want to give your old dress a classy look? Wear a cool buttoned up black blazer. For women who don’t like to be overly funky, a black blazer is always there to make your day. Tone down a bright dress with the help of a black blazer or make a tonal look by wearing it over a black dress. Either way, you are sure to shine.

3: Look Classy with the One-Button Blazer

Want to look fit at a cheap price? Go for one-button blazer when you are on a budget. Its long sleeves and notched lapel make it perfect for a routine dress up. This blazer is sure to give you a style boost without being a strain on your wallet.

4: Be the Man with the Menswear Blazer

If you are looking for something extra-comfy and casual, give the menswear blazer a try. It may look ordinary and straight out your dad’s closet but it can make you look like a million bucks with its notched collar and slim waist.

5: Bring It On With a Long Jacket

A long jacket is meant to give you the confidence boost you might be needing at the presentations. You are sure to leave a lasting impression on people around you if you wear this super chic jacket. Boss around as much as you like in this long jacket.

6: Suit It Up With a Suit Jacket

Never compromise on your professionalism and wear the classic suit jacket. It is certainly meant to make you look polished and urbane. The fun part is you can wear it with pants or a skirt and look voguish either way. Take the world by the storm in this classic attire.

7: Keep It Casual With a Boyfriend Blazer

Somedays you just are not in the mood to plan and prep an outfit. Reserve a boyfriend blazer for those days. This casual but trendy blazer makes sure that you rock such a day with absolutely no regrets. And the best part about it- you need no boyfriend to wear it!

8: Make It Floral With a Floral Printed Blazer

Thinking that a floral print would be too casual for your workplace? No worries, wear a blazer on top of a floral dress to look sophisticated. Try out different colors, textures, and patterns. It is sure to turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

9: Be a Pro With a Check Blazer

The real beauty of a check blazer for a professional woman is that it can be worn year after year without going out of style. It’s the definition of perfection. It can give a style boost to even the least trendy dresses.

10: Stay Warm and Trendy With a Woolen Jacket

If you fear that you might catch a cold yet you want to wear something trendy, go for a woolen jacket. It is meant to make you look smooth and stylish while keeping you warm and cozy.

Looking nice in a professional environment can never be difficult if you keep a couple of trendy blazers in your closet. So whether you decide to go for formal bottoms for women or a maxi, pair them up with these 10 stylish blazers to look dashing and ravishing.

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